The Sacred Art of Walking a Labyrinth

John Bauer

John Bauer

It is said when you walk the labyrinth with the full dedication of a pilgrim, you won’t be the same upon exiting—the “old you” is literally grounded, “peeled off” at the threshold and a “purified you” emerges, eager to tackle new directions in your life journey.

After this sacred experience, you are no longer the same: an overall change, a seeding of new direction, series of insights, special grace, an intuitive glimpse, an irrepressible smile…some transformation has occurred. And it is not just in the mind or of the mind: it is a holistic, multi-dimensional change. Your field of awareness is affected in more ways than may immediately be apparent.

Your entire Being becomes engaged—this is Sacredness. The key to Sacredness is Intention—to intensely desire transformation, answers, solutions, insight, new feelings…a willingness to move forward in life—in consciousness and spirit…a longing to enter the Great Mystery of Who We Are.

Any activity approached with that clear intention is a “Sacred Art”. Walking a labyrinth with intent utilizes the labyrinth to address specific issues, help answer a question or make a decision, or connect on a deeper level to your higher self and God.

There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth—although it is helpful to quiet the mind and open your heart. Once you find your own natural pace, acclimate yourself to the rhythm of others. Your walking begins to flow with those around you. Keep in mind, the circular pattern of 180 degree turns—from tight turns to more spacious ones—provides a rhythm the psyche uses to calm down and open up.

Intuitive flow is one of the most refreshing activities we can do for the brain. Images burst forth: unwinding, uncoiling, participating in the cosmic dance. This flow renews and opens our creative channels. Opening the door to our intuitive world holds great value.

Labyrinth-2medThe Labyrinth is a perfect symbol of the dance between Soul & Spirit, says Jungian analyst Sylvia Senensky. When the Soul and Spirit dance together on the physical plane, new capacities emerge, new ways of imagining the world appear. Whatever you choose to call it—Sophia, Holy Spirit, Mother Goddess, the Divine Feminine—it gives us another way of walking the Path of Life: softly, with a compassionate heart and an open mind. We learn to walk in Beauty—with a sparkle in our eye, smile on our hearts, with a quiet, nonjudgmental perspective. We learn to walk respectfully with others, celebrating our differences. All the world’s religious traditions in their most profound forms teach these concepts. The Labyrinth allows us to experience them.

How to walk the Merging Hearts Labyrinth

1. Anoint yourself with sacred oil (calls forth your sacred essence), sprinkle the water collected in the large shells we have at the entrance on your head, or immerse yourself in the sage and sweet grass we have planted by the arbor entrance.

2. State your name…this resonance acts as a key in all sacred sites to unlock just what you need to receive.

3. Set an intention of something you are desiring

John Bauer

John Bauer

4. Say a prayer or mantra (OM)

5. Ask for clarification or guidance on something that is troubling you

6. Pray for a healing for yourself or a loved one

7. Walk in silence and listen to the sounds, feel the wind and temperature

8. Sing/chant honoring the 4 directions (EL Ka Leem OM=Air, Fire, Water, Earth)

9. Dance…make it a joyful experience

10. Reflect on your life

History and Purpose of the Merging Hearts Labyrinth [Download PDF]